Did Wife of Imam Hussein, Shar Banu Ever existed?

23/01/2011 15:54

Who Was mother of Imam Zainul Abedeen?, Not ShaharBanu, She never existed.

Shia have not only claimed but boasted the Royal pedigree of their 4th Imam and onwards, the story goes that during the the Khilafate of Ameerul Momineen Syedna Hz. Umar Ibn Al-Khatab Al-Farooq [ra] (about whom RasoolAllah[saw] said If there was to be a nabi after me[saw] it would have been Umar[ra]) When under Hz. Saad Bin Abi Waqaas[ra] Muslim armies decimated persian empire of Yazdhfred III, it is recorded by Shia historians that one of the daughters of Yazdhgred by name of ShaharBanu was also captured, brought to Medina and was ordered to be sold by the Khalif Umar[ra]. When Syedna Hz. Ali Ibn Abi Talib[ra] found out about this, he[ra] went and bought her an then married her to his son Syedna Hz. Hussien Ibn Ali[ra], out of this Union 4th imam was born Imam Zainul Abedeen[rta].

The Age of Yazdhgred III when he took over Sassanian empire in Iran:
On June/9/630 Sharhbaraz daughter of Khousro II [590-628] mother of Yazdhgred III died. She was 26th monarch of Persia from 629-631, she was made queen so that when Yazdhgred III attain majority [age], she will vacate the throne for him. Sharhbaraz was replaced by by her sister Azarmidokht, whoo was replaced by Hormizd VI, He was followed by Yazdhgred III [father of Shahar Banu] at age of 16 yrs, after 5 years of internal power struggle and the assassination of his grand father Khosrau II in 628.

Marriage of Yazdhgred III
At age of 16yrs Yazdhgred III took over the throne of Persia, in 635 at age of 19 yrs he purposed Alliance with Byzantine emperor Heraclius, to unite against common enemy Muslims, According to old Roman tradition, to seal the Alliance [b]Emperor Heraclius married his daughter to Yazdhgred III.

YEAR OF DEATH of Yazdhgred father of "Shahar Banu", wife of Imam Hussein.
In 651 A.D., the Persian king Yazdgerd III was captured and beheaded by Arab invaders in what is today's Turkmenistan. His son, Pirooz survived and fled east to China. Here's an account from Chinese historians.


Yazdhgred II 438-457
Now that shia have grown bit wise as Muslims are more educated on the history thank to internet, on may shia site Shia have started to claim that imaginary princess of persia "Shaher Banu: mother of Imam Zainul Abadeen"was daughter of Yazdhgred II who was king of persian from 438 till 457 CE,  we ask these Shia what was the [b]age of this Princess of Persia when she married Imam Hussein some time in 633CE[/b] when Muslim decimated the Persian empire and Yazdhgred III was in power.

Does Shahr Banu[/u] Wife Of Imam Hussein Exist?
"Neither do any of the scholars of ancient history that have chronicled, at times with great attention to detail, the invasion of Persia by Muslim troops and the fate of the last Sasanian sovereign and her family, establish any relationship between the wife of Imam Hussein and one of the daughters of Yezdgred III"

Then who was [u]Shahr Banu[/u] Wife of Imam Hussein
 Earlier sources such as Ibn Sad and Ebn Qotyaba describe Husayn's wife as a slave, originally from Sindh and make no reference to her being a princess. The first scholar to explicitly describe her as being of the Persian royal family was the 9th Century Arab philologist Mobarrad.

The Year of Battle For Persia [Battle of Qadisiyah]
Most of the Iraqi tribes were Christian at the time of the Islamic conquest. They decided to pay the [i]jizya[/i], the tax required of non-Muslims living in Muslim-ruled areas, and were not further disturbed. The Iranians rallied briefly under their hero, Rustam, and attacked the Arabs at Al Hirah, west of the Euphrates. There, they were soundly defeated by the invading Arabs. The next year, in 635, the Arabs defeated the Iranians at the Battle of Buwayb. Finally, in May 636 at Al Qadisiyah, a village south of Baghdad on the Euphrates, Rustam was killed. The Iranians, who outnumbered the Arabs six to one, were decisively beaten. From Al Qadisiyah the Arabs pushed on to the Sassanid capital at Ctesiphon (Madain).
When did the Capital of Persian Empire Fall
The Battle of Qadisiyah is one of the major decisive battles of world history. Is sealed the fate of the Sasanian Empire just as the Battle of Yarmuk had sealed the fate of the Byzantine Empire in the west. Two years after Qadisiyah, Sa'd (ra) went on to take the Sasanian capital. By then he had recovered his health. The taking of Ctesiphon was accomplished after a brilliant crossing of the Tigris River while it was in flood. Sa'd (ra) has thus gone down in the annals of history as the Hero of Qadisiyah and the Conqueror of Ctesiphon

When was Yazdgred III Killed in 651 A.D.:
The former Sassanian king of Mesopotamia Yazdegerd (Yazdgird) III is murdered in a Persian miller's hut near Merv  His demise marks the end of the Zoroastrian Empire

Where was Yazdhgred III after the fall Sassanian Capital in 638/639
 The early anti Arab protesters are too many to count.  The last Sasanian Emperor, Yazdgerd III, himself can be counted as the first fighter against the Arab domination.  Following the fall of Ctesiphon and the Battle of Nahavand, the emperor retreated to the land of his ancestors in Persia.  The city of Istakhr, hometown of Ardeshir I, was the perfect place for the defeated emperor to start a resistance.  Aided by his trusty advisor Farokhzad, Yazdgerd created a [Second Court in Istakhr and continued to negotiate with the invading Arab armies (ca. 35 AH/656 AD).  From there, he directed diplomatic and political initiations to stop the Arabs from further penetrating the country.  For awhile, he was successful in keeping parts of Khuzistan and Persia from being taken over, but was eventually forced to flee for his life.  He escaped to Khorasan and Sogdiana, hoping to reach China and ask for the help from his ally, the Emperor of China.  His dreams were cut short when he was assassinated in Marv (Margiana) (ca. 70 AH/690 AD)  Yazdgerd's Second Court survived him by about 15 years.  Farokhzad called himself the king and issued coins and continued to negotiate with the Arabs.  We are not sure of Farokhzad and the Second Courts' end, but it probably was eventually taken over by the Arabs.

The fact of History is that Emperor Yazdhgred III and all the members of his family including any of his daughters left the capital city before Muslim armies entered the city, He was killed in 690 CE, his family was never captured and he was succeeded by Farokhzad. So we ask Shia from where did they create "Princess of Persia" wife of Imam Hussein, mother of Imam Zain ul Abideen, Shar Banu?

PS: There is a gap of 40 yrs between the date of death of Yazdhgred III (DOD 651/690 CE) as recorded by historian, but everyone agree that he left the capital with all his family and most of his treasure intact.